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Loulou Resort

It is our aim to make a LouLou Resort your place for leisure and exploration of natural and cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This resort contains 40 different residential units, 120-300 m². Houses are prefabricated type of house, known for its high quality and very quick building. The project resulted in designing a nice space with natural light inside the residential units. Residential units were positioned in convenient mutual distance so it is possible to have the daylight all day.

Every house has a garden and good access. The gardens are 580-3300 m² and have a different atmosphere in it. Except the residential units, the resort also has a common excursion site with šadrvan, benches and places for relaxing. There is also a beautiful stream in the location. Except the excursion site, there is a plan to make a tennis court and horse training ground. Fans of riding and horses will have a chance to enjoy and improve their skills. The atmosphere was improved with water area of an oval artificial lake.


LouLou Resort is a place with all the natural resources that symbolize the beauty of our country. If you decide to stay in this resort, you decide to have a modern, peaceful, comfortable and safe life in our new residential units, completed according to the current world trends. Come and visit Bosnia and Herzegovina to experience and enjoy in the beauty of our natural resources, and become a part of LouLou Resort in Visoko.