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Organic products

amone-aboutABOUT US

AmOne is committed to sourcing locally grown, natural foods and beauty products. The company prides itself on the values of integrity and
social responsibility and enganges in the trade of a wide range of products that are nutrient-rich including honey, tea, herbs, homemade apple jam, and walnut stuffed prunes. In addition to our wide range of high-quality food items we also stock natural beauty products developed with the principles of nature.
Looking to introduce healthy and premium goods to the world market, the company creates products that nurture people and honor the planet.
products are a delicious part of a healthy lifestyle that embraces holistic living and a sustainable planet.


“Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food” – said Hippocrates. If we want our bodies to function optimally, we need real, nutrient-rich
food abundant in vitamins and minerals. Consumption of natural food, grown with the laws of nature in mind, is known to improve eyesight, reduce risk of chronic diseases and stroke. strongly believes in preserving natural environment for future generations while supporting a form of agriculture which ensures enough food supply to meet the needs of our present. Our purpose is to cultivate a better world through eco-positive farming methods and be a devoted and reliable source of natural foods.


Ever since ancient times, tea drinking ritual has played an imporant part in people’s everyday lives. It is no wonder, as there is something comforting about brewing tea and taking the time to savor it. Herbs and teas produced in precious natural and clean environment which Bosnia and Herzegovina has preserved, will help you enhance your everyday rituals.
amone-teaComforting and gentle Chamomile or refreshing and calming Mint are equally as delicious when steeped in the hot water or when served fruit juices and sparkling water.
Selection includes:
Chamomile flower , lemon balm, silk corn, nettle, sage, rosehip, peppermint leaf , rosemary and many other.


Each blend is carefully created to burst with fresh tea flavor and provide a satisfying feeling afterwards.
Detox Tea Blend is a delicious way to feel naturally refreshed on a daily basis. Used to boost energy and metabolism, this tea blend helps bring healthy balance from within. The blend is a comforting and
strengthening infusion carefully chosen to support our immune systems.
Ingredients: Nettle leaf, Chamomile, Rosemary, Mint, Oats, Corn silk and Elderflower.

Relax Tea Blend is a balanced blend of herbal teas formulated to support rest and soothe stress and tension. Formulated with anti-anxiety Chamomile and calming Hawthorn, a cup of this tea blend will help you unwind in the evening or anytime during the day.
Ingredients: Chamomile, Lemon balm, Hawthorn leaf and flowers, Wild Thyme and St. John’s-wort.

Prostate Care Blend is a mixture of five selected herbs to solve problems caused by frequent urination and inflammation of the prostate. All components in the blend help improve the circulation and reduce swelling of the prostate gland.
Ingredients: Uva ursi.

amone-apple-jamHOMEMADE APPLE JAM

The apple jam has been made in Bosnia and Herzegovina for centuries. For jam preparation we use health, clean, non toxic apples which are milled, drained and cooked within traditional receipt until jam attains dark brown colour. Apples are known for its low calories, vitamin C, Bcomplex and few minerals. By using jam on a daily basis you can improve your digestion, prevent anaemia, strengthen immunity, regulate thyroid gland activity, decrease chances for heart diseases, prevent early aging and improve your sight. It is great for several uses: for a breakfast as the bread spread, as a fill for different sweets and cookies.
Apple jam is a health replacement for a sugar and artificial sweetener, but also you can melt it in a hot water and drink it as a tea.





amone-cider-vinegarAPPLE CIDER VINEGAR

Apple cider vinegar has a strong and flavor and scent that is a staple in many ethnic cuisines. Made with fresh apples, apple cider vinegar is packed with nutrients and can aid in weight loss.
Apple cider vinegar can be used for salad dressings and is often combined with herbs to give the dressing a more robust flavor. It is popular addition to a variety of sauces and can be used as a food preservative. Use it to make vinegar chips or add a splash of the cider in a hot or cold beverage. To improve blood sugar level and stimulate overall detoxification of the body, mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water and drink before the meals.






amone-walnut-stuffed-prunesWALNUT STUFFED PRUNES

Dig in and saddle up for delicious, well-rounded flavor with Walnut Stuffed Prunes. This dessert combines wholesome walnuts with the sweet flavour of dried plumes in delicious apple sauce to create a course that no one will forget.
Prunes are an excellent source of dietary fiber and are number one food in terms of antioxidant capacity. Top-notch walnuts perfectly complement the plump sweet prunes to create an unforgettable and exquisite experience.
The dessert can be used in baked goods, hot cereals, muffins, scones, fruit cakes, or eaten right out of the jar.
It can be heated up in the pan with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for an out-of-this-world experience.





AmOne only sources and stocks the finest quality honey on the market. All of our honey is sourced from local bee farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the farmers are committed to producing honey that has unique fragrance, taste and consistency . Our selection includes raw honey, honey with cinnamon and honey with mint.
Raw honey has been used in almost every culture in the world over the past 2,500 years. It is a natural source of carbohydrates which provide our bodies with strength and energy and instantly boost the performance and endurance.
Honey with cinnamon has been used ever since the times of Ancient Greece and Ancient China to clear the clogged arteries, promotes weight loss, help with urinary infections and treat arthritis.
Honey with mint puts a spin on a classic sweet food by adding mint leaves that are packed with vitamins and essential nutrients. Mint is known to relieve symptoms of muscle spasms, promotes digestion and soothe inflammation.







amone-beautyGive your body, mind and spirit a luscious treatment with rich, all-natural beauty products. Inspired by the power of nature, AmOne beauty products are nourishing and mineral-rich that are as good for the environment as they are for your skin. We believe that one does not need to sacrifice the performance of conventional beauty products by opting for the natural ones. Our unique and natural products that nourish hair and skin will transform your beauty routine and will soon become your new essential beauty products.


Hair and skin love nettle. Nettle water provides natural nourishment to the most delicate skin and has soothing and calming properties. Nettle strengthens, feeds and nourishes the hair and scalp, prevents hair loss and works against dandruff. It removes skin blemishes and is used to treat burns and scars.
Nettle is rich in chlorophyll, minerals, calcium and iron, vitamin C, B2 and B5 and especially carotene – provitamin A, necessary for healthy skin and hair.
Chamomile water is a mild & soothing aqua spray for face, hair and body.
Along with its popularity in foods and beverages, chamomile is best known for its antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties making it an ideal product for sensitive skin. Chamomile water can be used as a facial toner and as a cleanser and helps with skin irritation, alleviates skin rashes and rejuvenates the skin.


Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries for hair and skin care and as a remedy to cure everything from flu to strep throat.
This softening, protecting and moisturizing hair product which improves shine and balances the pH of your scalp is used after shampooing and is poured over the entire scalp. It should be applied up to two times a week to ensure necessary supply of B vitamins, vitamin C and potassium.
The product is color safe, and can be used for all hair types.


All-natural, soothing chamomile cream is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A for deep skin nourishing and vibrancy. It softens and moisturizes dry, delicate and flaky skin and is perfectly suited for sensitive skin and skin prone to sun burns.
Calming chamomile helps calm the apperance of redness and irritation.Chamomile cream can be used in morning and evening and works best when used regularly.



amone-hair-rinseHERBAL HAIR RINSE

Herbal hair rinse is an ideal way to enrich and enlive your everyday hair care routine. Our herbal hair rinse with premium quality dried flowers and herbs softens the hair and adds shine.
The fragrant blend of herbs and dried flowers including jasmine flower, chamomile flower, rosemary leaf and lavander works as hair tonic revitalizes hair and scalp.
To enjoy this unique experience soak the herbal blend in warm water for 20 minutes, pour over the hair and scalp after shampooing and rinse well with cold water.







amone-logoNatural food:

– Tea for soothing,
– Tea for detoxification,
– A mixture of teas to enhance
– Bosnian mountain tea,
– Homemade apple jam,
– Raw honey and with cinnamo
– Wallnut stuffed prunes,
– Apple cider vinegar for food.

Beauty products:

– Nettle and chamomile water for hair and skin care,
– Herbal hair rinse,
– Apple cider vinegar for hair care,
– Chamomile moisturizing cream.

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