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We would like to share our story with you. There is a city called Visoko in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visoko is the city with long tradition and rich cultural and historical heritage, the place where histories collided different cultures and civilizations through history, ever since the Early Stone Age.

The city of Visoko lies at the mouth of two rivers Bosna and Fojnica and it has evolved in their valleys. Visoko used to be the center of Medieval Bosnian country, the place of the crowning of Bosnian kings, the administrative center of Visocka nahiya, and today it is a modern city with tendency for economic development based on geographic location and natural and economic resources.

Visoko is still known for its traditional crafts and trade and its rich cultural and historical heritage. Visoko is very near to the capital city Sarajevo, only 30 kilometers away. These two cities are connected with highway and you get very quickly from Sarajevo Airport to Visoko.